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Rush FC Bali (former Bali United FC) is a non profit soccer club based in Bali Nyonga, Cameroon, Africa. It is the Cameroon official partner of the world's largest youth soccer organization, USA based Rush Soccer and the soccer arm of the America For Africa Soccer Foundation, Inc, a USA based non profit organization fighting poverty and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and drug abuse in low income communities in Africa and the United States of America through soccer.

Bali Nyonga is an example of a poor and low income community in Africa. Creating awareness through soccer in Bali Nyonga about diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and cholera, revamping the soccer infrastructure in Bali Nyonga, setting up an affordable and sustainable soccer school for the poor kids of Bali Nyonga and its environs, providing basic soccer gear to the poor kids of Bali Nyonga, replacing the ancient, old and twisted Gov't School Field in Bali Nyonga with a modern soccer stadium for the people of Bali Nyonga are some of the objectives of Rush FC Bali, Cameroon. Rush FC Bali is a source of hope for the people of Bali Nyonga in Cameroon.

                                                                  THE RUSH WAY

Rush FC Bali-Cameroon, is committed to the development of healthy youth through the game of soccer. With its firm belief in the value of sports in promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of our children. Rush FC Bali-Cameroon, is devoted to providing our players the finest soccer experience possible, teaching the fundamental skills of the game and developing soccer stars through tournaments, training athletic facilities and organized leagues such as the Mezam DIII Football championship, the NW DII Regional league in Cameroon, the Cup of Cameroon and the National MTN Elite I & II Football  leagues in Cameroon.

profil FC Bi-Cameroon is committed to
Rush FC Bali is the official Cameroon partner of Rush Soccer, Littleton, Colorado, USA. Rush Soccer is the largest youth soccer organization in the world. Rush FC Bali, Cameroon is an academy for poor but very talented footballers. It is an environment where these poor but very young footballers learn soccer 'the Rush Way'. It is a Division II Football Club and football school in the NW Region of Cameroon. The 10.000 capacity Rush Football Stadium, Bali Nyonga, Cameroon is under construction. The best players of Rush FC Bali, Cameroon will travel to the United States every year to train with our Rush partner soccer clubs in the United States.
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2015-03-28 17:41 pm
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